"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."
What's Your 2000 Bits? | Neuro-Linguistic Programming | NLP

What's Your 2000 Bits?

Welcome to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Our nerve cells (neurons) are programmed with messages and signals, which are carried with us from our childhood, and these neurons have accompanied us through adolescence and adulthood. Those neurons are primarily responsible for making us feel the way we feel in certain situations in the past or in a specific event, which eventually is the reason that makes us behave the way we behave, and is responsible for the results we witness in our lives.

What is your 2000 bits, takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. To make you understand why events in your life are happening the way they are, why are you feeling the way you feel, behaving the way you’re behaving, and by coming to these realizations, guess what happens?

You are better equipped to introduce change, to live the life YOU WANT, DREAM OF and DESERVE.

  • When you sit in a meeting with your boss or fellow colleagues, and you walk away with your own set of ideas and feedback about the meeting, ever wondered that you aren't focusing on everything that was said but only on points that were of relevance TO YOU?

  • When you are in a conversation with someone, arguing over a situation, or simply discussing a certain topic, and you immediately constitute an impression or a general understanding about how fruitful or unfruitful the conversation was, have you ever been told “you don’t seem to understand what I meant", or "you always say, or act this way", or simply, you end the conversation because you can't seem to agree on anything at all? 

  • If you try talking to someone, and they don’t give you their undivided attention, do you notice yourself losing interest in telling them what you have to say or sharing with them your stories, the next time you have something to talk about? You feel like, it’s not worth it, they are not “good listeners” anyways?

  • Do you find yourself laughing real hard or crying or feeling sad whenever you hear a certain song or go to a certain restaurant or see a certain person, that reminds you of some sort of event in your life?
What's your 2000 bits. The answer to all your unspoken questions, currently roaming around in your head! 
  What's Your 2000 Bits?
2k Bits takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to better understand why events in your life are happening the way they are and also explain why you feel the way you feel about certain topics or behave a certain way in an event, to better equip you to introduce changes & LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT & DREAM OF.
  Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway┬«
This program will teach you how to adapt yourself to become fear-less when FEAR comes along while we experience an unknown territory, try something new or as we grow and evolve throughout our lifetime. It will teach you ways to eliminate the amount of fear in your life and become FEARLESS.
  Business Performance Coaching
A Business Coach helps an individual improve Performance, Productivity, & Efficiency as well as find Solutions to problems by providing immediate and timely support, feedback and corporate advice to the client through personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions or Group & Team Coaching Sessions.
  Team & Group Performance Coaching
As a Group Coach I work with the business to develop a clear set of coaching objectives that will deliver in favor of the business's needs through the development of High Performing, Cross Functional Leadership, Strategic Planning Sessions, Communication, Management and Coaching Skills Development.
  Career Coaching
A Career Coach helps individuals identify what they want and need from their career, then make decisions and take the needed actions to accomplish their career objectives in balance with the other parts of their lives. It helps individuals keep a good balance between their work and personal life.
  A Professional Public Speaker
It's about the value I can give my audience. It is what they will be walking away with after they hear me speak. It is all about what their very own 2K bits is going to look like, and what value they can spread to others. It is my Boomerang effect.
  Life & Personal Development Coaching
Life Coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Positive Adult Development and Career Counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve Personal Goals.
  Cultural Diversity Awareness Training
This is the foundation of communication between different diverse cultural groups and it involves the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions as well as those of others and taking them into consideration & adapt them into our lifestyle behavior. Citizen of the world!
  Personal Coaching
Being the Host of your life is different from being a guest. Acting like you are the creator of your life moments and happiness, puts you in control! Isn't that what we all want? To understand the reason for everything.Wanna be a leader of your life or a manager? I can help you see, find and be the difference.