Vibrant Thinking is an Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching Company. Manar Al-Dina is the founder of Vibrant thinking who an inspired and vibrant professional coach and trainer located in Jordan. She is a very professional, efficient and effective coach working in jordan and offers coaching services to companies and corporations in jordan as well as the middle east region. We help companies increase and improve productivity of employees by changing their way of thinking. She specializes in executive coaching, personal coaching, corporate coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching, leadership development, leadership training, motivational coaching, life coaching. She is also a motivational speaker, motivational trainer, business coach, inspirational coach with a lot of professional experience offering coaching services to companies and corporations in jordan and the middle east region. She can help you increase employee productivity and performance by way of thinking thru Neuro-linguistic programming. We offer employee and staff coaching and training services in jordan, dubai, uae, qatar, bahrain, lebanon, saudi arabia, ksa as well as the middle east, europe, africa and the USA.
Vibrant Thinking, your ultimate choice when it comes to Executive & Personal Coaching as well as Motivational & Leadership Training.
Manar Al-Dina is a Certified Mindset & Performance Coach, on a mission to help you feel empowered, more confident, experience higher energy and optimism towards everything around you, and attract more positivity, peace, & passion into your life. You are to believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it; and experiencing joy, happiness, satisfaction & achieving success, is a journey that is inside the palm of your hand(s), if you choose to. What you focus on grows..So why not focus on the good, rich and positive in your life? Look around, it is abundant already!
2k Bits takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to better understand why events in your life are happening the way they are and also explain why you feel the way you feel about certain topics or behave a certain way in an event, to better equip you to introduce changes & LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT & DREAM OF.
This program will teach you how to adapt yourself to become fear-less when FEAR comes along while we experience an unknown territory, try something new or as we grow and evolve throughout our lifetime. It will teach you ways to eliminate the amount of fear in your life and become FEARLESS.
Coaching is a Personal Development process that builds a person's capability to achieve short and long term professional and organizational goals that include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication skills, performance & time management, efficiency, and dealing with problems correctly.
Let's Face It! A Company Wants Motivated, Inspired, Productive & Efficient Members on its Team. So to keep Production Efficiency High, there needs to be a continuous Learning, Training as well as Coaching Programs to keep Employees Motivated and Inspired to work hard! This is Where ALL the Magic Takes Place.
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Vibrant Thinking is your ultimate choice when seeking Executive & Personal Coaching as well as a Leadership Development & Training Company.

The term Vibrant in the name  Vibrant Thinking  is no coincidence.
Vibrant was chosen to reflect Life, Vibrancy, Livelihood, Feeling Alive & Positive Thinking of course.
Well isn't that what we all do? We just Think Think Think and Think Some More.
Even when we are going to bed ready to fall a sleep we Think and plan what to Think of the next day!

How much of our thoughts are just poisoning us and taking away from the quality of our lives and the quality of the time we spend, whether alone or with people! Given this reality, I decided to launch Vibrant Thinking. Your one-stop-shop to accessing all the tools and techniques to think vibrantly, to feel your livelihood and make the absolute best of your lives! It all starts with those marvellous pre-programmed & pre-wired nerve cells in our brains!

Manar Al-Dina is a Certified NLP Life Coach that CAN & WILL help you feel better, more confident, be more energetic & optimistic towards everything around you, and attract more positivity, peace, & passion into your Life. It is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to, and aim to achieve. 


Welcome to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Our nerve cells (neurons) are programmed with messages and signals, which we have carried with us from our childhood, and they have accompanied us through adolescence and adulthood. Those neurons are primarily responsible for making us feel the way we do in certain situations in the past or in a specific event, which eventually is the reason that makes us behave the way we behave, and is responsible for the results we witness in our lives.

What is your 2,000 bits, takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. To make you understand why events in your life are happening the way they are, why are you feeling the way you feel, behaving the way you’re behaving, and by coming to these realizations, guess what happens?

You are better equipped to introduce change, to live the life YOU WANT, DREAM OF and DESERVE. Yes, it is possible! Register Now! 


A certified and licensed trainer by Susan Jeffers, to teach the book Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway® in Jordan and the whole region. This book is a registered trademark translated into over 36 languages and sold in over 100 countries, and has won the best-selling book award over several years. Susan Jeffers has touched and inspired the lives of so many people with her book and collection of tools and techniques.

On her behalf, and in her loving memory, we deliver you a Fear-busting Workshop providing you with the techniques and skills necessary to truly shift your Fears from a position of pain to a position of power, and achieve all that you want to achieve in life.

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®  is a Program designed for everyone and anyone. So whether you are doing this for you, your company, corporation, business team, group of friends or your family members "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®" is for YOU! 

Give it a try!


A Coach is essentially someone that helps another individual learn a certain professional skill or gain experience in dealing with a specific situation, have a better understanding & knowledge of the factors that affect his/her performance as well as help them make better decisions & taking full control of their own life. A Coach does not tell you what to do, but simply better equips you and prepares your mindset to see and choose for yourself, the best action that serves you. 

A Personal Coach helps a person develop a plan for managing time, working more efficiently and effectively, deal with problems at the workplace or at home, or accomplishing and reaching some other important personal goal or target.

An Executive Coach, on the other hand, specializes in helping Executives improve their work habits, professional skills, communication skills, inter-personal skills and increase efficiency and performance within an organization. Executive Coaches may work with a Company CEO, President, Board Member or a newly promoted Manager or Executive to help them develop the exact Professional and Leadership Skills needed to be successful at the position at hand.

Executive Coaching is a must for newly promoted managers and executives. While the individual being promoted may have the skills needed for the job, he or she will need to learn how to work with former peers, get training in how to handle new responsibilities and learn how to communicate with new peers in an effective manner.

In some cases, an Executive or Manager may hire a Coach to help them deal with a specific business problem, such as increasing sales, employee problems, resolving conflicts, staff communication problems and other issues that require a 3rd party intervention.

My experience and professionalism is reflected in my ability to listen to my clients' needs and to translate those needs into Objectives and Goals that are both exquisite and flawlessly efficient and Right On TARGET!

You Dream Big.  We Make it Happen!  ...  It's Literally that Simple!

I will work with your vision and your budget to provide you with the best of my creativity, professional expertise, outstanding organizational abilities, and deep knowledge of techniques, skills, resources and assets needed to accomplish your lifetime goals. Here at Vibrant Thinking we offer Elegant, Business Professional, Formal, Casual or just Fun and Laid-Back Coaching that brings your dreams into reality and life. When you're ready for exceptional creative, effective, efficient, productive and most importantly Vibrant Coaching and Training contact Vibrant Thinking.

Through our customized Executive Coaching Programs which include initial foundation sessions, leadership and style assessments, 360° feedback, and regular coaching sessions conducted in person or over the phone we will work together to accomplish set goals that include:

  • Discover what your purpose is and make it aligned with your strengths, your values and your passion to support what you believe in. 
  • Come up with a plan, and carefully see it through for both your professional and personal life. 
  • Align your skills to improve your leadership effectiveness.
  • Increase your engagement through articulate, honest, and flexible communication.
  • Believe that you can learn more once you expand your comfort zone. For great things do not come from comfort zones! 
  • Attract more balance and focus into your life by working with new time and resource management tools.

By being intentional and mindful about your behaviours and goals, you will better tackle the challenges that face you and your organization or team(s).

So in a few words, Our Coaching Programs are  On-Time,  On-Target  & On-Budget!


Business Leaders today are often promoted to a position of leadership but are not equipped with the skills necessary to truly lead. This is in part because the skill set required to manage is not the same as that required to lead. Even if you have the skill set required to lead, it isn't advised to embark on such a journey, unaccompanied! Having a coach, helps keep you focused, motivated, and constantly aspiring and wanting to do more and explore yourself outside of your comfort zone(s). Through interviews, assessments and observation, our customized Leadership Coaching & Training Programs will identify those behaviours and beliefs which are preventing leaders and, therefore, their teams and organizations, from realizing their goals and limiting their potential.

As new and positive behaviours are put in to practice, you will gain confidence, a better work-life balance and more intentional focus, which will result in heightened performance, better team dynamics and last but not least greater job satisfaction. You will also be better equipped to overcome any challenges that face you, your team and your entire organization, and will view these challenges as learning experiences rather than obstacles. 



What is the Primary Role of a Coach?

A Coach is essentially someone that helps another person learn a certain professional skill or attain a better knowledge and experience doing it. A Basketball Coach, for example, train basketball players to work together as a team and learn to play the game to the best of their ability. A Personal Coach helps a person develop a plan for managing time, losing weight or accomplishing some other important personal goal.

Executive Coaches, on the other hand, specialize in helping Executives improve their work habits, professional skills, communication skills, inter-personal skills and efficiency. Such coaches may work with a CEO, board member, an executive or newly promoted manager to help him or her develop the exact professional and leadership skills needed to be successful in the job at hand.

Coaching can be done one on one or in small groups as Group / Team Coaching Sessions. However, it is best done on a personal basis, as each person is different and a personalized approach will enable the coach to identify weak areas of concern affecting the person's performance and develop a plan for improvement as well as focus on one's individual strengths and weaknesses at a time to provide a better personal solution. 

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

There are many reasons why a company or even a private individual may opt to hire a Professional Executive Coach. Companies have found that Executive Coaching is a must for newly promoted managers and executives. While the individual being promoted may have the skills needed for the job, he or she will need to learn how to work with former peers, get training in how to handle new responsibilities and learn how to communicate with new peers in an effective manner.

Experienced Managers, Executives and even a CEO may hire an Executive Coach to help give them a new perspective of their job, teach them how to manage their time more efficiently, provide insight into how the company can grow, help increase the Return on Investment and develop new products. The smartest businessmen know that they cannot afford to put Personal Development on the side and so hire a professional who can help them continually improve in their line of work.

In some cases, an executive or manager may hire a coach to help them deal with a specific business problem, i.e. slowing sales, employee problems, resolving conflicts, staff communication problems and other issues that require a 3rd party intervention.

Briefly About Our Coaching & Training Programs
Leadership Development Training

Our Leadership Development & Training Program is designed to assist high potential and talented individuals focus on developing the management and leadership skills within an organization. Leadership Trainers or Coaches may either serve as Team Leaders actively mobilizing a work team toward common goals, or may serve as a Leadership Development Trainer serving as a model for individual accountability, inspiring trust, and leading others. Leadership coaches strive to provide real-time feedback regarding their protocol management styles and tactics, so that the coached can adapt quickly to different situations. Leadership Coaches also typically schedule formal feedback and development sessions with their coached ones throughout the year. Leadership Coaches serve as a growth engine for the next generation of organizational leaders. Leadership coaches have the primary duty of developing the bench strength of capable leaders at every level of the organization. Successfully executed leadership coaching programs provide the human talent for corporate succession planning efforts.

Motivational Training

Motivation comes from within. You can’t motivate people. They have to motivate themselves. What you have to do is INSPIRE them through Motivational Training. Great leaders inspire people into action such as a good sales representative that INSPIRES people  to WANT to buy a specific product or service. A Visionary Leader & Motivational Speaker must be able to articulate and relate to people at all levels and hold a broadly-minded vision that connects with other peoples’ values, beliefs and consciousness; this creates a dedicated team of people, with the right behavioral styles, who will work tirelessly to achieve that vision.  As a visionary leader, Manar Al-Dina speaks passionately from the truth, and tells it like it is; straight-forward speaking, with off-the-cuff humor. A Master of behaviour, body language and emotional intelligence; she brings these traits to every compelling speech and touches individuals at all levels. Our Motivational Training Program is designed to help individuals look at things from a different perspective that takes personal interest and gains as well as short and long term personal benefits into consideration, which then inspires individuals to work harder and more efficient in their life to achieve those goals. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is to help facilitate professional and personal development to reach individual growth, improved performance and satisfaction. The coach stimulates the client's self-discovery by asking thought-provoking questions, assigning homework in the form of "think tanks" or "thought experiments", aimed at stimulating the client's own journey of self-discovery which results in experiential learning and developing a new approach to looking at a situation. By adapting different coaching styles and strategies, coaches gain a strong understanding of the differences between individuals in the workplace, and as a result can tailor the appropriate coaching style to achieve optimal results depending on the subject matter in hand. 

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a process which is designed and defined in a relationship agreement between a client and a coach. It is based on the client's expressed interests, goals and objectives that are desired by the Client to be accomplished or reached within a certain period of time or on the long run. Our experience and professionalism is reflected in our ability to listen to our clients' needs and to translate those needs into Objectives and Goals that are both exquisite and flawlessly efficient and Right On Point! We will work with your vision and your budget to provide you with the best of our creativity, professional expertise, outstanding organizational abilities, and deep knowledge of techniques, skills, resources and assets needed to accomplish your lifetime goals. As a Personal Coach, I use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussions to help clients identify personal, business and relationship goals, and develop action plans intended to achieve those goals. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an excellent way to bring "life" back to your days and moments. Its not about adding days to your life, but it is really adding life to your days. We all need an inspiration in life, something that truly motivates us to our deepest core, to get us and keep us going and moving, towards our goals, aspirations and vision, and away from everything that could wear us or tear us down. It could be anything and absolutely anything you are facing in your personal lives that needs to be looked at...relationships, work, family, kids, finances, weight, sports, you name it.

Whatever it is… VIBRANT THINKING Life Coaching is the way to break through the hard times and start your way towards a livelier way of being, doing, becoming, thinking, and growing. 

Business Coaching

Business Coaching provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group and is aimed at improving their personal effectiveness in the business setting to reach higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and definitely, career growth. Business Coaching may come in the form of Executive Coaching, Corporate Coaching and Leadership Coaching.

Business Coaching is offered through personal support and feedback or by combining a coaching approach with practical and structured business planning and bringing a disciplined accountability to the relationship. Many employees, expect their seniors and middle managers to coach their team members and be a model for them as a Leader, Trainer & Motivator . Business Coaching is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring involves a developmental relationship between a more experienced "mentor" and a less experienced partner, and typically involves sharing of advice. A business coach, has a primary focus on enhancing an employee's productivity so that in return, the business overall, can be enhanced. 

Career Coaching focuses on work or issues related to your career, or job(s).  A Career Coach helps individuals identify what they want and need from their career(s), then make the appropriate decisions and take the necessary steps that will enable them achieve their career objectives in balance and in tune, with the rest of their lives. Keeping a good balance between career and other areas of one's life is integral to experiencing more joy in life.  

We start our careers, with the aspiration and goal to quickly rise up to the upper levels of executive positions, only to discover that with and over time, only those with certain criteria and skills, make it to the top. Our goal here is to give rise to more leaders, and not just those in a managerial role. Career Coaching has thus emerged in the world, to work with candidates in order to help them achieve their career growth by nurturing and facilitating the skills needed to get onto the fast track for an executive job opening or promotion. This type of coaching is not strictly limited to executives, however, since its valuable lessons may be applied to any person interested in professional growth and better options for their future. 

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is an emerging form of coaching that focuses on helping clients overcome their struggle to attain specific financial goals and aspirations they have set for themselves. At its most basic, financial coaching is a one-on-one relationship in which the coach works to provide encouragement and support aimed at facilitating attainment of the client's financial plans. Recognizing the array of challenges inherent in behaviour change, including all too human tendencies to procrastinate and over emphasize short-term gains over long-term well-being, we encourage organizations to monitor progress over time and hold the individual accountable. Previous studies in psychology indicate that individuals are much more likely to follow through on tasks when they are monitored by others, rather than when they attempt to "self-monitor". In contrast to Financial Counselors and Educators, Financial Coaches do not need to be experts in personal finance because they do not focus on providing financial advice or information to clients but rather on how to make the right decisions based on their own knowledge taking into consideration short and long term gains and losses.

Board, Team & Group Coaching

Board, Team & Group Coaching is one of the most effective forms of Coaching that delivers results on a bigger scale.  Group coaching is when a set of clear goals and objectives are developed in favour of the business's needs. This results in high performing teams, cross functional leadership, a group of potential leaders, better strategic planning sessions, more effective communication skills, better management, and definitely more job satisfaction. 

As a Group Coach I work with a group of individuals, or a "team" individually and in advance of the Team/Group Coaching day with confidential 1:1 conversations with each to identify opportunities and challenges. Then, and by bringing the whole group to work and collaborate, we develop the full potential within the team, helping each individual perform at their best, since together, everyone achieves more. We develop a group plan to fix what needs to be fixed, to achieve the goal in hand, and follow through its implementation, to ensure that it is working for everyone and providing the best possible result. 

Crisis Coaching

Crisis Coaching is supportive to the individual and to anyone indirectly affected by the extraordinary circumstances of the individual, be it senior management, Human Resources, colleagues or the individual’s family. The benefit of Crisis Coaching for the organisation is an immediate ‘go to’ person when crisis hits an individual or the organisation to plan the immediate coaching approach to ensure the best possible support for the people impacted. The benefit for an individual is the extraordinary level of support the organisation can deliver in a safe and immediate way.

Cultural Diversity & Awareness Program

Why do we do things this way or the other? Can that change?  
How do we see the world? And why do we see it this way or that? World Views. 
Why do we react in that particular way?

Our Cultural Diversity & Awareness Program is the means to bridge the gap and enrich our communication channels between the different and diverse cultural groups surrounding us, at home, over the internet, in our neighbourhood, communities, and at work. It involves the ability of taking a step backwards and wearing a different hat, a hat that comes with a different set of cultural norms, traditions, values and interpretations. It involves accepting others the way they are and not requiring them to change to simply fit in. It involves raising awareness and understanding each culture is unique and similar at the same time, and by using this awareness, we are better equipped to understand our differences, and through learning our differences, we become aware of our profound similarities, and this is where and when our relationships with one another start to flourish and we gain a better "understanding" of how the world works around us.